Beipieltext: Summary by Mark van der Weyden ‚Guerrilla Social Media Marketing‘

Hier findet Ihr eine Zusammenfassung des englischen Buches ‚Guerrilla Social Media Marketing‘ von Jay Conrad Levinson & Shane Gibson. Mark hat sich die Mühe gemacht das Buch zu lesen und zu raffen. Viel Spaß.

“Guerrilla Social Media Marketing” – Jay Conrad Levinson & Shane Gibson; 2010 – Entrepreneur Media ISBN-13: 978-1-59918-3683-1 ; Summary by Mark van der Weyden

Guerrilla Social Media Marketing Plan Explanation:


STEP 1 – SEVEN SENTENCE PLAN (Answer the following questions):

1 – Goals:

*Is the goal SMART?

-Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely

*Is the goal INSPIRING?

-Don’t make the goal too safe

-Should keep you excited and motivated

-First inspire yourself and then make others excited

*Do the VALUES ALIGN with the goal?

-Measure daily activities in company with the ultimate goal

-IF that’s 70% or more, that’s good!

2 – Competitive Advantage:

*What problems can you solve for the target audience?

*What makes your products/services unique?

*Solution: Talk about solving problems through Social Media

3 – Target Market:

*Scale down to your ideal clients (Result: MORE focused)

*Study=Knowledge=Creativity -> Know the market inside-out

*Create top-seven criteria for customers:

-Define market clients in one single sentence

(Chapter 6, page 153-155)

4 – Marketing Weapons:

*Create one sentence that you will use (First focus, and later augment)

*Select a minimum of 5 marketing weapons with the following criteria:

-Should be used + listened to by target market

-Are tools you know how to use efficiently or learn quickly

-Have knowledge of a specific social network culture or etiquette

-Have been chosen after you’ve closely monitored and listened to targets

5 – Positioning:

*Create 140-character positioning statement

(Chapter 2 – page 22+23)

*Be a dominant player in all nano markets of one broader market

*Pick these nano markets carefully

*Constantly feed these markets with information

6 – Identity:

*Create honest and authentic identity that includes the values you live by

*Establishes trust and credibility with the specific audience

*Entrepreneur has to stay committed to the identity

7 – Marketing Budget:

*Invest percentage in expected profit in time and money

*Focus on tools that work and market that respond + make sure investment pays off

*Then invest a percentage of that expected profit in your marketing plan

STEP 2 – YOUR GUERRILLA MARKETING CALENDER (Use following information):


*Break-up the identity (“story”) you want to visualize into smaller bits (“tales”)

*All these “tales” combined will eventually tell the complete “story”

*Guerrilla Marketing has the focus on the LONGER TERM

*The Calender has the focus on the SHORT TERM

*Create monthly theme or stick with the position, but communicate this through the calendar

*Eventually cross the weeks with the tools you want to use by using a table

(Example=Chapter 10, page 219-220)

STEP 3 – MAINTAINING YOUR ATTACK (19 secrets to successful SMM):

1.- Commitment: Stick with the plan on the long term (1 yr+), it will pay back eventually.

2.- Investment: Invest time, energy, imagination + information in SMM, only some money.

3.- Consistent: Keep identity, be consistent in message + online SM identity.

4.- Confident: Use SM to listen to customers, this provides great information + solutions.

5.- Patient: Build foundation and take the time in mastering GM weapons + whole process.

6.- Assortment of Weapons: Start with blog or social site. Identify over time what’s best.

7.- Convenient: Brevity is key in SM. Don’t waste people’s times. Approach directly.

8.- Subsequent:                  Know what’s next. Solve several customers’ pains. Search for the next big thing.

9.- Amazement: Tell positive- and interesting stories. People love to follow (success) stories.

10.- Measurement: Use Google Analytics. Measure activities on your website=forms of profit.

11.- Involvement: Let people know your listening. Reply on questions or statements.

12.- Dependent: Get contacts, and let them do your marketing for you. Become dependent.

13.- Armament: Use the same SM that customers use. Also find new social networks + mediums.

14.- Consent: Build trust and relationships. And gain permission by your relations.

15.- Content: Give value and unique content. And give more and more. Rewards will come.

16.- Augment: Ask; “What’s next?” Always be a step ahead of the game. Adapt strategy.

17.- Congruent: Make sure tools & messages work together. They will represent your brand.

18.- Experiment: Constantly test and monitor progress. Do something with failures.

19.- Implement: Implement techniques into calendar and listen to audience regularly=key to success.


SM: Social Media

GM: Guerrilla Marketing

SMM: Social Media Marketing